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Most importantly, our emphasis is to provide Professional or Certified translations for businesses or individuals. In addition, all language services such as Voice Over, Subtitles, Dubbing and more. Indeed, Your One Stop Shop for Language Services.

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Professional and Certified Translations

First of all, we provide Legal translations and Legal Interpretations for: Courts, Law Firms, Businesses, Schools. So, on the other hand, ITU Certified translations provides a notarized certificate of translation to all our customers at no additional cost. For instance, regarding the ATA American Translators Association, we follow all guidelines and requirements suggested for best practice. We are Certified Translators and Corporate Members of the ATA.

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Translation Service of Financial, Medical, Scientific, Technical

Additionally, we provide specialty translations for any business sector with any degree of technical issue with a fast turnaround. Likewise, we have an experienced staff in Translation Service always available to discuss your translation project. Simultaneously, we provide video services for business marketing and e-learning. Our expertise in translating technical documents is guaranteed. B2B translation service is available around the clock for any consultation or free quote.

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Academic Evaluations, Certified Academic Records- Translation

Next, in the same way, we provide services for: Foreign Credentials, Universities, Training material, Policies & Handbooks, Transcripts, Diplomas and more that need translation, moreover, to compare localization for their readers. ITU translation services has a team around the clock to meet your schools need for communication in multiple languages. In addition, ITU provides Academic Evaluations for accredited institutions. Going to college with foreign credentials or need an academic evaluation?

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Affidavits, Apostille and Online Notarization

Need additional services after your translation: Certified Notarized Translation, Apostille Service, Affidavits, FBI Background Check, Online Notarization, Immigration to USA In contrast to local translations, if traveling abroad you may also need to authenticate your document with an Apostille or request an FBI Background. Call, text or email today for a free quote or consultation. Furthermore, we do Certified Translations, Online Notarizations, Apostille Service and Referral service for Immigration cases, need to speak to an immigration attorney?

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Voice Over videos, Dubbing, Subtitling

Simultaneously, we service companies and individuals linked to audiovisual communication, requiring video language services. Training videos for schools, companies and government in multiple languages is done by our staff every day. Do you have videos you need to translate, subtitle or voiceover? ITU provides Subtitling, Captioning, Voice Over and in addition Dubbing. Our services guarantee quality video work to meet your needs. B2B and non profit video services for E-learning, Corporate Training, HR videos and more.

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Translation Services and Localization of Websites, Apps

Firstly, aimed at individuals or companies who wish to communicate their websites and services to different language markets or target markets. Secondly, localization is the process of making your translation Local in character. Certainly for clear communication and sales strategies. For example, or as an illustration, translations in Portuguese may be for: Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola, etc. Thus, it is important to translate using localization.

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Desktop Publishing (DTP) in multiple languages to create

For instance, companies or individuals who need to have their documents or also videos edited. Desk Top Presentations often performed behind the scenes to provide mirror images of the original document or video. For instance, this service is combined with translation of the content into the language required by the client. ITU uses and licenses software to handle all DTP.

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Interpreters- Remote Interpreters

For example, for companies and/or individuals who need to communicate in different languages. We service meetings, conferences and events through teleconferencing or video conferencing tools. As an illustration, ITU has interpreters on standby for your communication needs. Indeed, all our interpreters are native speakers, have certifications and more importantly the experience in the field from simple USCIS interpretations to UN (United Nations) assemblies- please call to check availability.

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We Provide Many Types of Translation Services:

  • School Transcripts Translations
  • Birth Certificate Translations
  • Death Certificate Translations
  • Marriage Translations
  • Divorce Translations
  • Independent Medical
  • Examination
  • Industrial Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Media Translation
  • Medical Records Translation
  • Medical Report Translation
  • Notarized Translation Services
  • Official Translation
  • Poetry Translation Service
  • Resume Translation
  • Cooking Recipes Translations
  • Retail Translation
  • Legal Translation Services
  • PDF Language Translation
  • Syllabus Translation
  • Mortgage Document Translations
  • Technology Translations
  • Translation for Families
  • Website Translation
  • YouTube Translations
  • Many more